Flashing Nokia E66 from VirtualBox

For last couple of years I don’t have Windows as main operating system. There are many reasons behind this decision, one for all would be it’s reliability. While using different operating system as the main one, I still keep couple of Windows virtual machines, I need them for testing of our software as well as for running applications, that can’t run anywhere else. Such as Nokia PC Suite.

I bought my Nokia E66 as one of the first people here in Prague. I had to wait for branded T-Mobile version because it was part of RMA transaction of my old E65. From the time I got my new E66 I was waiting for first firmware update. There were few annoying bugs, bugs that old E65 didn’t have. But as this was a branded version, update took quite a long time to appear in Nokia’s firmware update service. But it happened this week.

Having used PC Suite for backups in virtual machine I though firmware update would be piece of cake; it wasn’t. If you have ever used VirtualBox you probably know that there a device filter has to be added in order to “see” USB device inside virtual machine. Normally this is done on the fly – you connect a device, go to configuration, add it to filters, disconnect, connect and voilĂ …

In order to flash E66 successfully, two devices have to be added before flashing starts. In theory you could add them on the fly, but I’d have to be quick in order to keep flashing process running. I did this risky stuff for you so you can now flash safely having added these two devices to your Windows machine’s USB filter:


One of them is serial device of some kind, the other identifies itself as loader. Have fun!

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